Foster parents provide the daily basics: food, clothing, shelter, love, stability, guidance and discipline that all children in foster care placement need. They represent different ages, races and income levels. Most foster parents are married, but there are single foster parents too.

While many foster parents have biological or adopted children living at home, some have never had children of their own. There are foster parents who go to your church, work with you , or perhaps live in your neighborhood.

The basic requirements of becoming a foster care parent are:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Be in good physical and emotional health
  • Meet your state or local requirements for housing safety, space and equipment
  • Have the skills attitude and stamina to effectively deal with the many behaviors and feelings displayed by children and youth in out of home placements
  • Have a non-punitive attitude and can demonstrate acceptance towards the parents of the children in your care
  • Can work cooperatively with the representatives of the foster care agency
  • Be accepting of the temporary nature of foster care, and help a child transition back to his family or move on to a permanent or adoptive placement.

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Children and youth may need foster care home placements for a various reasons:

  • They have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused
  • The physical or mental incapacity of their parents
  • They have been abandoned by their biological parent(s)
  • Drug, alcohol or other chemical abuse by their parent
  • The child's behavioral or emotional problems
  • The separation, divorce or death of their parent(s)


The Unique Caring Foundation Foster Care Services provides temporary care to meet the needs of children who may have been neglected, abused, abandoned, or without relatives to care for them due to illness, imprisonment, or death.

Although care for a child in a foster home may range from a few days to a number of months, the overall goal is reunification and family preservation.


The foster parents agrees to ensure that each foster child:

  • Has clothing to wear that is appropriate to the weather
  • Is allowed to have personal property
  • Is encouraged to express opinions on issues concerning care
  • Is provided care in a manner that recognizes variations in cultural values and traditions
  • Is provided the opportunity for spiritual development and is not denied the right to practice religious beliefs
  • Is not identified in connection with The Unique Caring Foundation in any way that would bring the child or the child's family embarrassment
  • Is not forced to acknowledge dependency on or gratitude to the foster parents
  • Is encouraged to contact and have telephone conversations with family members, when not contraindicated in the child's treatment or service plan
  • Provides redirection that is appropriate for the child's age, intelligence, emotional makeup and past experience
  • Is not subjected to cruel, severe, or unusual punishment
  • Is not subjected to corporal punishment


  • Is not deprived of a meal or contacts with family for punishment or placed in isolation time-out except when isolation time-out means the removal of a child to a separate unlocked room or area from which the child is not physically prevented from leaving.
  • Is not subjected to verbal abuse, threats, or humiliating remarks about themselves or their biological family members
  • Is provided a daily routine in the home that promotes good mental health and provides an opportunity for normal activities with time for rest and play.

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